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(103) Mel
Sat, 26 October 2013 20:46 +0000


I just love your music. I only just got 2 of your CDs on Amazon after hearing you on Irish Radio a few months ago.
And then, yesterday, I find out that you're playing here in Cork tomorrow night. I have my tickets booked and I cant wait to see you guys.
I've been raving about you for months!!!


(102) Blake
Fri, 25 October 2013 13:52 +0000

Amazing gig in London last night guys, well worth the wait since 06/07 R & V. Proud seeing NZ music doing its thing in this part of the world.
Small and intimate with all the funk, soul, jazz and beats anyone can ask for.
Hurry back, we need some more of what you got over here!!!

(101) Jono
Thu, 25 July 2013 09:33 +0000

wicked grooves!!! can't wait till you guys hit up australia and do some shows :D

(100) Gus Stens
Thu, 7 March 2013 02:48 +0000

New album is dope!

(99) Emma
Mon, 1 October 2012 08:01 +0000

You guys were amazing at Wave Rock, such a great vibe to finish the festival on, it was one big party!! I will definitely be coming to see you next time you're in Perth.

(98) Matt
Sun, 30 September 2012 23:07 +0000

Guys, just heard your new album in full... I absolutely love it! Great work, don't stop. Great gig in Sydney a few weeks back.

(97) mick
Thu, 6 September 2012 05:00 +0000

with these gigs planned,, you know what you're doing for the next 2 years,, I dont even really know what Im doing tomorrow! See ya saturday

(96) Ess
Wed, 5 September 2012 10:53 +0000

Am from Sydney, was sitting in Ichi Ni at St Kilda the start of August & Hawaiian Silky came over the p.a.. Impressed, I asked waitress for track info. I don't want to get you in to any trouble but what made my ears prick up initially was what I thought to be elements from a late nineties track by a ground breaking, genre crossing band. Solarized arrived in my mailbox a couple of weeks later & they weren't given any props in the booklet. Maybe I was just hearing things, not that big a deal anyways - was stoked to see your name when scrolling through liveguide.com.au & am very much looking forward to next Tue at The Standard - have fun

(95) Brandon
Sun, 2 September 2012 22:44 +0000

PS: hope you make it to US before too long. Cant wait to see a live show

(94) Brandon
Sun, 2 September 2012 22:41 +0000

I love what you guys are doing. Very good music!

(93) Andrew
Sat, 21 July 2012 19:07 +0000

Thanks for all the comments guys. We do read and appreciate them. Sola Rosa

(92) mar82
Fri, 20 July 2012 18:46 +0000

I listened to 'Love Alone' and it made me feel good on a rainy evening in Germany. Thank you kisses, Maria.

(91) ccj
Thu, 19 April 2012 20:52 +0000

Just heard you for the first time today on German public radio (danke HR2). Was on my way to work... Bought Moves On and Get It Together immediately while in sitting in a Stau on the Autobahn Ausfahrt. That means I was in heavy traffic on the freeway exit. Thanks Sola Rosa for the excellent music.

Gravatar (90) Fred
Thu, 1 March 2012 19:05 +0000

Thanks for these good vibes from a frenchy who enjoy your muzik.
Merci beaucoup and a date of concert in Nantes westside of France, the C2C place !

(89) Nina aus Karlsruhe
Mon, 12 December 2011 18:33 +0000

Nächstes Mal, nehme ich einen Gast mit. Es war einfach GEIL!
Amira Passarge.

(88) Anne
Fri, 2 December 2011 21:49 +0000

Hey Sola Rosa fans! Curious as to what THEY'RE listening to? Be sure to check out the playlist they put together!


Gravatar (87) gefeSweal
Fri, 2 December 2011 03:23 +0000

Biustonosz Alina firmy Vova

(86) Andrew
Fri, 2 December 2011 00:21 +0000

Thank you Ben. That comment means a lot to us. Thanks for taking the time to write. Was definitely a special gig that one!! Much respect.

(85) Ben
Thu, 1 December 2011 07:57 +0000

Hey Andrew & Team,

My brother and I hitched over from Welly to see you lot play in Nelson in October and I've gotta say that was the best gig that either of us have been to since seeing the Cinematic Orchestra a few years back.

It was great to see an nz live/electronic show that was exactly that ... live!

Cheers heaps,

(84) Jörn
Sat, 5 November 2011 21:46 +0000

Such a rosa night yesterday in Bremen! Cool vibes from the turntables, great towel Spikey (nice up everybody!) and ohmygosh what a wonderful voice and creature you are, Lisa! Thanks, come back to Bremen one day!
Your new fan Jörn


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